Schluter systems


A brief guide to Schluter systems

A Schluter shower system adds the complete waterproof protection your shower needs. The pieces bond with the mortar bed to ensure water saturation does not happen. And waterproof panels protect the walls from vapor penetration for excellent results.

Benefits you can trust

The Schluter shower kit includes a drain made of PVC and stainless steel for great benefits. It resists water damage, spots, stains, and corrosion. And the kit offers everything needed to set up any shower completely.

If you're unfamiliar with these systems, understanding them could help. You'll be better able to choose the features that cater to your needs best. Here are a few things you can expect from the Schluter product line:

  • Complete waterproof protection
  • Affordability when compared with competitors
  • Fast and easy installation

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Protection where needed most

One of the biggest dangers inside the shower is the danger of falling. With a Schluter shower pan, you can upgrade with anti-slip protection for the whole family. In addition, the vapor protection eliminates foggy door glass for a better line of sight in and out of the shower.

This system also protects your tile assembly from movement stress in the case of heavy loads. At the same time, it's not thick enough to cause installation or performance issues. It's also easier to transition to nearby flooring surfaces with a thin assembly.

The Schluter shower kit has an excellent warranty

A 10-year limited warranty covers all the components in the Schluter shower kit. The coverage includes defects in construction and manufacturing. It's covered these products for more than 50 years in bathrooms across the country.

A lifetime warranty is available on specific systems, and we'll give you all the details. When you choose your particular products, be sure to ask about the accompanying facts. Other components feature a 15-year warranty, which you'll find out more about when you buy.
Schluter systems in Fairborn, OH from Stacy's Flooring

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